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To Order a kit call:
Australia: 1800 075 685
New Zealand: 0800 556 615

DVD Video & Songs CD:

Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders

Students will embark on an exciting mission to save
"Tooth City", learn how to become oral health
superheroes and defeat the villain, Placulus.

Teacher's Guide

Everything you need to set out in an easy to follow
Lesson sequence with Outcomes and Activities to
make learning (and teaching) fun.

Poster: Be a Tooth Defender!

Display it in your classroom so your students can
perfect their brushing technique.

Parent Take-Home Packet:

Your Child's Bright Smile (32 per kit)

Reinforce your students' learning at home. Each
packet contains important oral health message, a
family brushing chart and toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Stickers: Tooth Defender (80 per kit)

Reward you students' effort in learning to take care of
their smiles.

My Bright Smile Calendar™

Features the BSBF Art Contest winners from around
the world!

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