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Each year, Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™ (BSBF) reaches over 50 million children
and their families in 30 languages and 80 countries in a global effort to improve lifelong
oral health habits and self-esteem.

Join a worldwide commitment to reduce the incidence of oral disease by delivering oral health
education to children that is relevant and designed to intrigue and inspire them.

Focusing on oral care and improvement or oral hygiene, this program uses two dentist
mascots, Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell and their team of Tooth Defenders to teach oral health
practices aimed at ensuring children's smiles last a lifetime.

Expand your Community Visibility

With your professional expertise and the hands-on education kit, we can extend the reach
of this program to more families in your community. Collectively, we can take a giant step
towards a cavity-free future.

Tooth Defender Oral Health Education Kit

The Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™ (BSBF) program was developed with an international
advisory board of educational, dental and cultural experts and tested with children and
teachers to ensure the content is appropriate, engaging and current.

Use these materials to:

  • create a BSBF "learning centre" in you practice waiting room
  • educate your patients chair-side
  • outreach to children in school, hospitals and community settings
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