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Australia: 1800 075 685
New Zealand: 0800 556 615

DVD Video & Songs CD:

Dr. Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders

Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell - two cartoon dentists
mentor a group of children to become Tooth Defender
"Superheroes". Together the team embark on a
mission to protect Tooth City from the sticky, sugary
villain, Placulus.

Tooth Defender "Brush Better" Poster

Laminated and ready to display the poster shows how
to brush and floss.

Parent Education Brochure (25 per kit)*

Help parents model good oral health and help their
child learn how to take care of their smiles.

Kid's Tooth Defender Challenge Charts (25 per kit)*

Set your young patients on a mission to establish a
regular brushing habit.

Tooth Defender Colouring Sheets

(25 x 2 versions per kit)*

Colour-in Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell and record
brushing for a week.

Tooth Defender Stickers (2 x 3 versions)*

*Refills available.

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